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When Should You Surrender in Blackjack? - Blog What does it mean to surrender in blackjack? ... Hard 14-16; Pair of 7s or 8s, unless the 8s come in single deck blackjack that allows for double after split ... If the dealer hits on soft 17 in ...

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Blackjack - Wikipedia Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is a comparing card game between usually several players and a dealer, where each player in turn competes against the dealer, but players do not play against each other. It is played with one or more decks of 52 cards, and is the … Does a Las Vegas blackjack dealer hit on soft 17? In Blackjack what does it mean if the dealer must hit on a soft 17? Soft 17 Indicates that an ace is involved: A 7 and any card worth 10 would be a "hard" 17, and a Ace and a 6 would be a "soft" 17. what is soft 17 in blackjack? | Yahoo Answers

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Soft 18 - ace plus seven - is one of blackjack's most frequently misplayed hands. Worse, it's a hand on which weak decisions may strongly erode expected returns. The plethora of possibilities on soft 18 is what bedevils many blackjack buffs. It can be best to stand, hit, or double down - depending on the dealer's upcard and the house rules. Blackjack: Hard Hands and Soft Hands Explained Knowing the difference between hard hands and soft hands is essential when learning how to play blackjack because even though it is only a small detail in the basic rules of blackjack, it is a small detail that can mean a great deal to winning or losing. Glossary of blackjack terms - Wikipedia

Blackjack strategies help give players an edge. From beginners to experts, players frequently lean on bj strategy and learned tips during hands.

When should you surrender in blackjack? Why should you? Isn't it a bad idea? We debunk the myths and explain the situations when you should surrender. Zappit Blackjack | Online Blackjack Explorer Zappit Blackjack is the newest blackjack game invented just in 2009. What's special about it? What does it mean to Zap? And where you can play it online. Blackjack Strategy Guide – Your Ultimate Guide to Online Basically, a hard hand is a hand total that either does not contain an ace or, if it does contain an ace card, uses it as a 1 and not as an 11. What is Blackjack? (with picture) Blackjack is a casino game that takes a combination of skill and luck to win. The rules of blackjack are pretty simple: a player...

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what is soft 17 in blackjack? | Yahoo Answers Best Answer: A "soft 17" is a total of 17 where an ace is currently being counted as 11 Any hand that does not have an ace currently being counted as 11 is called a "hard hand" its soft because you cannot break under any cricumstances since if you draw cards to exceed 21, the ace can begin to be counted as only 1 reducing the new total by ten points.

Blackjack Strategy: When to Double Down - Mar 19, 2019 ... This must be a hard 9; meaning there is no Ace in your hand – so the ... However, be aware that the rules of Blackjack do vary between ... double when the strategy says you should – such as on soft hands (those with an Ace). Blackjack Rules - Basic - Casino Verite A hand's value is the sum of the card values. Soft hands and hard hands exist. A soft hand contains an Ace that is being counted as eleven. (Remember, an Ace ... Playing Better Blackjack - top 10 misplayed hands - Las Vegas ...